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Chevy Volt Will Not Die, Says GM Blog

Jon Lauckner, vice president of global program management at GM, obviously felt that it was time to quash some of the rumors going around the press about the premature demise of GM's next shooting star -- the Chevy Volt.

Interestingly, he chose a GM blog to deliver the news. According to a 18 December post on GM's FastLane blog, Lauckner "felt compelled to squash some of the rumors. The development of the Volt remains on-schedule despite the ongoing talks in Washington, D.C. It is one of the highest, if not the highest, priority programs in the company and that hasn't changed, nor has the commitment of resources to fund it. In fact, with the successful completion of each development activity, we have more confidence than ever the Volt will start production as planned in late 2010."

He ends off by declaring that "those of us involved in the development of the Volt are focused well beyond the current discussions in Washington, D.C."

Needless to say, such hardheaded stubbornness, when finally applied to the right product, is refreshing to hear. However, it doesn't seem like focusing on one shooting star -- no matter how electricity it generates in the market -- is the fast lane to sustainable success.

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