MFG 2.0

The Comedy Of The Modern Conglomerate

The ever-reliable (sic) Onion News Network reports that Yamaha CEO Mitsuru Umemura is content with his company's forecasting across many of Yamaha's diversified markets, from synthesizers to motocross bikes. And power amplifiers, heart-rate monitors, signal processors, analog mixers, engine oil, microphones, HiFi systems, and grand pianos.

How do they do it? It's all about the company's singular focus, says Umemura.

"At the Yamaha Corporation we're focused on one thing and one thing alonequality sound chips, ceiling brackets, editing software, race-kart engines, sport boats, flugelhorns, ATVs, sequencers, outboard motors, conference systems, golf clubs, projectors, MIDI controllers, lamp cartridges, portable recorders, subwoofers, component systems, and motorcycles."

TAGS: Innovation
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