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Cool Thing Of The Day: 3-D Phones, Home

Riding an Avatar-inspired wave, 3-D camera technology coming to a mobile platform near you:

"Sharp Corporation announced yesterday that it has developed a module for smart phones and other devices that can capture high-definition 3D images. The module combine views from two cameras to create an image, automatically correcting differences in color, brightness and positioning."

It's also making inroads in the home entertainment center:

"Research firm DisplaySearch predicts that there will be 1.2 million 3-D-capable TVs shipped this year and over four million next year, compared to the 200,000 shipped in 2009."

Of course, the programming needs some catching up, and the bugs aren't fully worked out yet (supposedly fluorescent and halogen lighting interferes with the infrared emitter that communicates between the TV and glasses) but the 3-D tech bandwagon is officially rolling up the market share chart.

One wonders when they'll create a version of the bionic contact lens that can "see" in 3-D -- maybe James Cameron's next project?

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