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Cool Thing Of The Day: Singularity University Teaches Businesspeople About Disruptive Technology

How will robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, human enhancement and other emerging technologies affect your industry?

That was the key question behind noted futurist and serial inventor Ray Kurzweil's latest venture, Singularity University. Kurzweil founded the university with X Prize founder and personal spaceflight evangelist Peter Diamandis -- those two names together on anything should be enough to get it serious consideration -- so an educational venture by these two designed to prepare business for disruptive technology seemed like a relevant candidate for my series, as Singularity University may itself ultimately be responsible for producing future installments.

For now, the University is limited to classes of 40 fellows, but let's hope enrollment follows the classic Kurzweil curve and increases at an exponential rate ...

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