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Is The CrackBerry Epidemic Dying Down?

A recent article in Wired magazine recently asked the once unfathomable question -- Is BlackBerry using its innovative edge? Could the "crackberry epidemic" of the past decade be drawing to a close?

The author, Priya Ganapati, cites "a confusing mix of new products, poor developer support, lack of innovation and an unwillingness to take risks" as major culprits, along with the moves of hardware rivals such as Apple, HTC, Palm and Motorola, and software rivals, such as Google's Android OS.

Ganapati also cites the breakneck pace of the smartphone market and the BlackBerry's horrible web browser experience as two more factors leading to RIM's once-utterly-dominant market position being threatened.

Speaking from personal experience, I've had a BlackBerry Curve for coming on two years now, and despite everything I've done to break it (including both physical and memory-related abuses) the thing is still working perfectly. Impressively sturdy and durable for a piece of 21st Century electronics (especially considering that I'm on my third iPod in that same time frame). Also, my browser experience is just fine, thanks to the Opera Mini browser and Google's application set.

How about you? What smartphone do you use now, and what are you looking for next?

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