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The Exact Opposite Of A Miracle

Manufacturers should be proud today. Especially the aircraft manufacturing industry, who just had a dramatic reminder of how a well-built product can perform in the toughest situation imaginable (i.e., an unplanned arrival on the Hudson River shortly after takeoff).

Millions of man-hours of research, development, testing, re-testing, customer input and training is now hard-wired into every one of these almost unimaginably complex aircraft products. And millions of people trust their lives to the manufacturer without a second thought. (Or at least enough confidence to keep airline tickets selling.)

Of course, the pilot's skill and a certain amount of luck was involved as well. However, I just want to make sure that, in all this talk about Lady Luck and the Lord's hands, the fact that the plane was built well doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

In fact, just heard the talking heads on Fox expounding on what a miracle it was that, after the pilot brought it in safely, the plane was still floating long enough to not only get everyone off safely, but to tow to shore. No, it's not a miracle. It's actually the exact opposite of a miracle -- it's a triumph of science and engineering that many people spent their entire careers creating.

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