Expensive Type Writer Roll Out Project

Expensive Type Writer Roll Out Project

Software investments are many times a money drain in SMEs.

It seems that SMEs generally do not truly value the advantages of software. And this happens exactly in these medium size companies that would benefit the most of enterprise wide software programs like ERPs. Because the human resources in SMEs are generally scarce, it is of great importance for them to deploy software that facilitates their daily work.

Several times I have seen SMEs to fail to pull through their software projects.

Unfortunately the available software solutions probably do not make implementation projects easier either.

Typically one major obstacle with software is, it forces us and our processes to adapt ourselves to software and not vice versa.

I am pretty sure that many software developers have never really worked for instance in industrial logistics, in production or after sales.

Yes, they do listen to customers, but do they really grasp the true needs of daily workers and translate them into good and flexible software.

Quite often the software is purchased, roll out plans are made, but again lack in execution causes these projects to loose momentum.

The situation gets even worse and company financial performance takes a hit. Software is partly implemented, however for example the material planning is not run through the computer, but through “human resources”. Stocklevels are in the memories of employees and planning is on manual mode.

I know we are living the 21st century and still can’t help to wonder that we are still dealing with these issues.

SME owners are very down to earth people. If they see, even if the software has already been acquired, that their organization cannot work “in their own good old way”, the roll out project will loose the support of the owner.

Software developers must finally go and work on the factory floor otherwise ERP roll out continues  to be expensive type writer roll out project.

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