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Fiorina Pink Slips Palin; Buffett Recruits Obama, Clinton

So Carly Fiorina admits that Sarah Palin isn't qualified to run Hewlett-Packard. (But I guess she's smart enough for government work, Carly?)

No word on whether Fiorina would hire either of the final two contenders for the top of the Democratic ticket, but I found it interesting that back in March in an interview with Reuters the billionaire investor and "Sage of Omaha" Warren Buffett said that he would be comfortable putting either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in charge of running one of his businesses.

At the time (right at the end of a long, bitter primary season), Buffett declined to endorse one of the two historic candidates over the other, but stated that "I would put either one of them in charge."

Update: Tried to find a YouTube of this particular interview, but the best I could do is below. The video is of a CNBC interview around the same time -- early summer -- and it's got extra bonus footage of both Obama and Buffett warning of the impending banking crisis.

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