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Free Lean Training, Courtesy Of User Generation [VIDEO]


I just posted a quick piece on Pfizer's use of Enterprise 2.0 tools like wikis and blogs, and thought I'd share this site for those of you that might not click through unless the subject line says "lean."

I am always telling people just how good of a learning resource the Web is; however, because much of it is comprised of amateur (and often criminally amateurish) user-generated content, looking for real answers on the Web can be a great time-waster, or worse, extremely misleading and totally counterproductive, when it comes to hunting down useful and factually accurate information.

The Slideshare site, where people post their gently used Powerpoints, is a great example of both sides of the Web.

A search for lean manufacturing, for example, brings up over 3,500 hits, including one from the Indian Statistical Institute that's over 200 slides long.

Or take the favorite punching bag of "Big Content" -- YouTube. Here's what a search for 'manufacturing' brings:

A presentation on Visual Management and 5S...

And a trailer for 'Manufacturing Consent', a film about Noam Chomsky:

Here's the "lean manufacturing" search page for YouTube -- 263 hits. Six Sigma? 350 hits.

Remember, I didn't tell you it was good, I just told you it was there.>

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