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GM Shifts Back Into Drive

I'm actually pretty excited to hear about the quick turnaround for GM -- a sentiment you no doubt share (that is, unless you were one of the dittoheads that objected to a previous post of mine). Here's to GM's new management shifting the company back out of reverse, and getting some forward movement going.

I just read some more interesting news out of the RenCen HQ -- according to an AP story by Rachel Metz, GM marketing managers are working on ramping up a familiar online channel for new car sales -- namely, the most-visited online retailing marketplace in the world: eBay. According to Metz, this "innovative" new partnership would "let consumers in California bid on vehicles as they would in a normal eBay auction, or choose a Buy it Now option to purchase the car at a set price. Dealers would still distribute the cars."

While certified preowned vehicles from GM are already available for sale on eBay Motors, and some GM dealers already independently list their vehicles on eBay, the e-tailing marketplace is extremely accessible, popular and scales easily. I'm guessing that GM would like every dealer to be using every available channel to move every available car to every available consumer, and all in the "as soon as possible" time frame.

Next up, Chrysler on

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