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Innovation Of The Day: Commercial Jetpacks Coming To Friendly Skies Near You

Finally, one of the dreams I had as a kid, growing up, reading too much science fiction and liking risk-taking a *little* too much, has been realized.

Below, I introduce the Martin jetpack.

As for the specs, as digital put it, "...really, how much convincing do you need that a jetpack is a good thing? You put it on, and suddenly you can fly. Everything else is details."

In an interesting coincidence, the jetpack is manufactured by Martin Aircraft, a New Zealand-based firm with no relation to the US defense contractor (and IW Best Plants award winner) Lockheed Martin.

They don't come cheap, as the list price is said to be above $100K. Although -- at least from my perspective -- it's a great investment (if only in that awesomeness is always a great investment).
(Image source: Martin Aircraft)

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