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Innovation of the Day -- Control Your Cellphone With Your Brain

Things are speeding up, it seems. Perhaps my Innovation of the Day will have to double the production schedule soon.

So the Innovation of This Evening comes via a Mashable story which details some cutting edge neuroscience -- as my title alludes -- will allow us to control our mobile phones directly from our brainpan:

The technology . . .tracks electrical activity in the brain using a headband of electrodes and a Bluetooth device. Users of the system were shown digits from zero to nine flashing at slightly different speeds on a computer screen; the frequency of each digit was detected by the electrodes, allowing the Bluetooth device to "know" which numbers to dial.

In various trials, subjects with varying degrees of training showed between 70% and 85% accuracy when attempting to dial a ten-digit phone number.

Sadly, that's about the same accuracy as my iPhone typing.

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