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Innovation Of The Day: Smartphone Hologram Generator

Today's emerging technology story showcases yet again how the natural evolution of a product category can be accelerated by a determined crowd of crafty DIY technicians, and often for much cheaper (in this case, the "screen" of the hologram projector is made from recycled pieces of the clamshell plastic packaging that we all love to hate).



used bits of that impossible to open clear plastic packaging to construct this add-on for the smart phone seen above. Three pieces of the material have been mounted at a 45 degree angle between the screen and viewer. The material is both reflective and transparent, depending on the angle at which light hits it. This allows it to reflect the light from the screen toward the viewer, but let light from the baffles behind it pass through unimpeded. The three baffles allow the LCD to be partitioned into three different sections whose images will appear to be at different depths according to the viewer's vantage point.

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