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My Leadership Insight: Not So Insightful?

I recently wrote an edition of our Leadership Insight e-newsletter about Apple's upcoming iPhone launch that got picked up on tech discussion community and I've been hearing about it ever since -- if I didn't already believe in the length and breadth of the internet community, this would be an unforgettable lesson.

Basically, I took Steve Jobs to task for what I perceived to be a flaw in strategy where the iPhone launch was concerned, and was then taken to task myself by a (growing) number of readers. Some of the emails I've gotten don't deserve the dignity of a response, but others poked holes in my logic in such an insightful way that I'm tempted to believe that what I originally thought could be a mistake was actually a masterstroke.

And here I didn't even go into the iPhone launch delaying the next Apple OS X release, or it not supporting Outlook...

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