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Manufacturing Savvy

Need a Factory in Thailand? It's Already Built

While touring Thailand, I had a close up look at one of their industrial estates. These locations, often offering a free trade zone, are set up specifically to offer manufacturers one-stop amenities.

The most interesting amenity is a ready-built factory. You can choose from a variety of sizes, that are either attached, which are a row of factories that share a wall, or those that are detached. Office space is included and these factories can be rented or purchased.

Water is included as is wastewater treatment. Power, in all its forms, is available and the supply is steady. (At a dinner I was informed that while other countries in Asia are unable to provide energy without blackouts, Thailand can deliver reliable power.)  

So who is locating in these parks? Automotive, petrochemical and electronic makers are setting up shop. Some build their own factories, while others rent at first. 

One large developer, Hemeraj Land and Development Public Co. Ltd, whose property I toured, has 531 manufacturers including 180 automotive companies, representing a total investment of $25 billion. 

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