MFG 2.0

A Public Service Announcement For You (And Your Business)

"Where there's money to be saved, there's money to be made."
- Me, 2008

Those who know me well know that there are two things that get me jazzed -- good technology and sound, sustainable business practice.

(Well, OK, there's three, but rock and roll is a whole different matter entirely.)

When someone comes out with a good, green tech tool that solves a real-world problem in an innovative way, I do my best to spread the word (hence writing about IBM's GreenSigma, Infor's EAM Asset Sustainability Edition, Microsoft Dynamics' Sustainability Dashboard, among many others over the years.)

Constantly-running, power-sucking business and consumer computers cost their owners/operators untold billions of dollars per year in cost and carbon. Knowing this, I'm surprised that reduction tools aren't a bigger market.

Obviously someone else was thinking the same thing (and this someone, unlike me, has good ideas AND coding skills).

Here's a promo video covering Verdiem's launch of Edison, a free energy monitoring application for Windows that consumers can use to save money and cut down on needlessly wasted energy by controlling their PC's energy consumption. According to Environmental Leader, Verdiem also has enterprise products, including Surveyor, to help manage energy consumption of PC networks, and is Microsoft-approved.

Watch the short promo below.

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