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Stop Whining Already and Take This "Complainer" Quiz

Are you a complainer? Author and consultant Jon Gordon has put together a short quiz designed to gauge exactly where on the whine-o-meter you fall. Read the five statements below, and then give yourself a score between 1-7 based on the following responses to describe how strongly you agree or disagree with the statement:

7. Strongly Agree
6. Agree
5. Slightly Agree
4. Neither Agree nor Disagree
3. Slightly Disagree
2. Disagree
1. Strongly Disagree

* I usually share my problems with others.
* I regularly express my negative feelings to others.
* I focus more on the causes of problems than on their solutions.
* If my life was made into a movie, I would characterize it as a drama instead of a love story, comedy or inspirational tale.
* I complain a lot.

Okay, now add up the scores, and then take a look at how you did:

35-30: You are a major complainer. Complaining has become a habit for you and it's time to do a No Complaining Fast and action plan.

29-24: You are a complainer. You spend too much time on the "complain train." Get on the Energy Bus instead. (At this point, you've probably figured out that Gordon must have written a book that encapsulates all these little slogans and catch-phrases like Complain Train, and you'd be right. You can order his book, The No Complaining Rule, by clicking here.)

23-18: You're in the middle of the road. Shift gears, focus on the positive and spend more time on the positive road.

17-12: Complaining isn't much of an issue for you. Stay positive.

11-5: You almost never complain. Keep cultivating and sharing the positive energy.

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