Strong Euro -- USA Market Opportunities

Strong Euro -- USA Market Opportunities

Right now European SMEs should be very active in the North American market, particularly looking for acquisition opportunities.

European companies from corporations to small family enterprises do continue to have major challenges to establish greenfield operations or grow organically in North America.

With the Euro currency continuing to be strong against the US Dollar and with good US economy I strongly encourage SMEs in Europe to have a closer look across the Atlantic.

Although many SMEs haven’t even expanded their operations across Europe yet, by having a solid sales or a subsidiary company in North America would only help the SME to balance regional market risks.

“The China and Asia Wave” is not so high anymore and doing business with partners who are culturally closer to each other like Americans and Europeans is an attractive proposition.

What also helps balancing further risks in business is the fact that Europe and Northamerica have somewhat out of phase industry cycles.

Bellevue SME Advisors does see the increased need among SMEs in Europe to balance the business risks relating customer, industries and regions.

Working with clients on one continent and with very narrow market focus is a recipe for disaster.

Go West SME!

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