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ThyssenKrupp Vertically Integrating, Cogenerating

Global diversified industrial conglomerate ThyssenKrupp's Brazilian division is planning to vertically integrate into power production with a new 495-megawatt cogeneration power plant.

According to a recent press release, the power plant will generate 200 MW devoted to a joint-venture steel mill of ThyssenKrupp CSA and Vale (Rio de Janeiro). A further 290 MW of power will be supplied to the Brazilian national grid.

Energy prices being what they are, we're definitely going to see more of this vertical integration in energy-intensive industries as we go forward into an increasingly resource-constrained future. In fact, although the two companies could not be more different, ThyssenKrupp's move reminds me of Google's recent moves along alt-energy lines.

My take? More power to them.

TAGS: Innovation
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