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Top 25 Odd Job Interview Questions

Courtesy of open-source social salary finder site comes a list of "Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions of 2009", including the following gems:

If you were a brick in a wall which brick would you be and why? Nestle USA Procurement Intern
How would you move Mount Fuji? Microsoft Software Development Engineer in Test
Are your parents disappointed with your career aspirations? Fisher Investments Client Service Associate
Tell me how you would determine how many house painters there are in the United States? Acquity Group Business Analyst
If I put you in a sealed room with a phone that had no dial tone, how would you fix it? Apple Software Engineer
How many hair salons are there in Japan? Boston Consulting Associate
How to measure 9 minutes using only a 4 minute and 7 minute hourglass? Bank of America Quantitative Developer
What are 5 uncommon uses of a brick, not including building, layering, or a paper-weight? Kaplan Higher Education Data Analyst
What is your favorite food? Apple Store Manager
How many lightbulbs are in this building? Monitor Group Entry Interview
How would you sell me eggnog in Florida in the summer? Expedia Market Manager
Given a fleet of 50 trucks, each with a full fuel tank and a range of 100 miles, how far can you deliver a payload? You can transfer the payload from truck to truck, and you can transfer fuel from truck to truck. Extend your answer for n trucks. Palantir Technologies Business Development Engineer

It's ironic that many of these questions say more about the companies asking them than the answers could ever say about the applicants.

Humor aside, check out -- it's no joke.

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