UK SMEs Going Overseas

A recent study by Expacare claims that 50% of the UK SMEs are considering an expansion abroad! This number has increased substantially since 2012, when just over third of SMEs had plans to get overseas.

The SMEs in UK do think big, and I think it is good!

There is a saying “ Britannia rules the waves,” which certainly was true in the past and due to this British businesses did have a head start in international business.

The British SMEs believe that many opportunities can be found international business and they should go after them.

Continental Europe is considered by UK SMEs as an attractive export target.

The study reveals again the old dilemma for SMEs; where to get help for export and establishing business overseas.

My advice to SMEs is simple: Liaise with other SMEs who have successfully started to export and see how you can adopt their methods. Use hands on consultants or interims managers who have a track record in delivering results in export markets. Do not use penny waste government programs.

Usually they are created by politicians who are just interested to lift their own profile once again.

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