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Is Wind The Next Nuclear?

The ever-insightful Jerome has a column in the Oil Drum (if you work in the energy industry, this site is a must-read) that is based on an upcoming industry conference presentation.

Jerome's overall point is that wind power is quickly developing into a major force in the energy industry. First, he tackles the "wind is too small to make a difference" argument, saying "well, so was nuclear, until it got big enough." The chart shows that wind is following the exact same growth trajectory as nuclear did:

Investment in the wind power industry is booming, with 40% of the installed capacity over the last eight years in Europe, China and even the US, where the oil/gas friendly Republican party had a virtual lock on power from 2000-2006.

Even despite the various compelling economic arguments (zero marginal cost, use of current industrial production capacity, domestic energy production mitigating trade deficits) the real clincher lies in this chart:

I doubt nuclear power ever saw those favorable/unfavorables.

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