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You Mean the US Military Didn't Have to Buy Domestic Steel?

I must not be paying close enough attention. It would seem to me that the U.S. Department of Defense would be required to buy U.S. steel for its projects.

Well since 2009 that hasn’t been the case. In that year a rule (that was 35 years old) which required plate steel to be melted and finished in the U.S. was overturned.

Steel armor plate is used for military vehicles, tanks, and equipment.

A decision was announced this week from the U.S. Department of Defense that restores the requirement that steel purchased by the U.S. military be 100% domestically produced.

This ruling has the Senator from my area, Sherrod Brown, jumping with joy since Ohio companies including ArcelorMittal, Cliffs Natural Resources and Nucor are all willing suppliers.

 “We know how to make steel armor plate here in America, and there’s no reason why countries like China and Russia should be making the steel used in our military’s vehicles and equipment,” Brown said.

“Importing steel armor plate puts both our manufacturing jobs and our national security at risk, and that’s why steel armor plate should be both melted and finished in the United States.”

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