ABB Signs $900 Million India Electricity Deal

The transmission system will carry hydro-electric power from mountainous northeast India to 90 million people.

ABB, on Dec. 22. signed a deal with India's Power Grid Corp. worth more than $900 million to develop India's electricity supply. ABB deliver a transmission system to carry hydro-electric power from mountainous northeast India to the populous, central region of Agra.

When operating at full capacity, the link will be able to supply 90 million people with electricity 1,050 miles away.

"HVDC (ultrahigh-voltage direct current) technology is ideally suited for transmission of power, with minimum losses, over long distances and where space is limited," said Peter Leupp, head of ABBs Power Systems division.

ABB said it will work on the North-East Agra transmission project with BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), an Indian government-owned power company.

The development costing $1.1 billion in total is scheduled to go into operation in 2015.

Copyright Agence France-Presse, 2011

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