Boise Challenges Suppliers

While supply-chain optimization hasn't generally focused on environmental responsibility, it does at paper, office supply and construction materials manufacturer Boise Cascade Corp., Boise, Idaho. The $8.2 billion-company participates in the American Forest & Paper Association's Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), which requires that in order to receive SFI certification, suppliers must have their forestlands audited for compliance with the SFI objectives:

  • Broadening the practice of sustainable forestry.
  • Ensuring long-term forest productivity and conservation.
  • Protecting water quality.
  • Enhancing wildlife habitat and contributing to biodiversity.
  • Minimizing the visual impact of harvesting.
  • Protecting special sites (historic, geologic, cultural, and ecological).
  • Promoting the efficient use of forest resources.
  • Encouraging the use of sustainable forestry practices by forest landowners, forest-ers and wood producers.
  • Publicly reporting on progress in sustainable forestry.
  • Providing opportunities for the public and the forestry community to participate in the commitment to sustainable forestry.
  • Promoting continual improvement in sustainable forestry.
The association began the program in 1994 and has booted 17 members since for failure to comply. Additionally, Boise has its own set of standards, Forest Stewardship Values and Measures, which often exceed the requirements of SFI.
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