CEO Profile: Vera Russo, Tony Pallet Inc.

Loyal employees and loyal customers key to growth

Some employees really do stick around. At New Jersey-based Tony Pallet, Inc. you can find employees who began with the company 29 years ago. "Employee loyalty is one of the key factors in our success. Our customers like dealing with people they know and we are able to provide outstanding customer service," explains president Vera Russo. The company keeps very close to its customers and makes frequent visits.

"We are very lucky to have employees who don't view their jobs as 9-5. It's a group effort to sustain and build the business. Our weekly meetings are really brainstorming sessions," says Russo.

Tony Pallet has grown to become one of the largest operations on the East Coast handling over 1 million pallets per year. They specialize is custom made pallets using computerized software to match the mallet to the exact needs of the customer. They remanufacture, repair and recycle pallets. They also provide heat treating for their pallets to comply with government regulations, enacted last year, which require all wood packaging material to be heat-treated or fumigated with methyl bromide to prevent pest infestation.

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What's the key to her success? "Establishing a good reputation translates to success when I'm marketing my company. Everyone knows us," says Russo.
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