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CEO Of Toy Manufacturing Company Commits Suicide

His company's toys were recalled earlier this month due to excessive amounts of lead.

Zhang Shuhong, who ran the Lee Der Industrial, killed himself at a warehouse on Saturday; days after China announced it had temporarily banned exports by the company, the Southern Metropolis Daily said, as reported by

The company was the manufacturer of the 967,000 toys recalled in the U.S. earlier this month by Mattel as the toys were made with paint which contained excessive amounts of lead. The toys were sold under the Fisher-Price brand.

CNN reported that the Chinese newspaper said that a supplier, Zhang's best friend, sold Lee Der fake paint that was used in the toys. "The boss and the company were harmed by the paint supplier, the closest friend of our boss," a manager surnamed Liu was quoted as saying.

In China, it is not unusual for disgraced officials to commit suicide.

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