IBM Ranked #1 Innovator In Information Technology Industry

Microsoft ranked #2 in Patent Board's rating.

In 2006, IBM published 2,725 information technology patents according to the annual Patent Scorecard. released Feb.1 by the Patent Board.

"IBM's robust patent portfolio in semiconductors, software and service-oriented architecture, along with some IP-heavy acquisitions, helped them outperform top competitors in 2006," said Eric Gillespie, chief operating officer of The Patent Board.

Microsoft Corp. ranked second at 1,470 patents. "Second place Microsoft is clearly on the rise with the highest Science Strength score, which rates the degree to which its patent portfolio is linked to core science," said Gillespie. "In addition, Microsoft posted double digit growth in nearly every category that we analyze, including Industry Impact, Technology Strength, Science Strength, and Research Intensity. From a quantitative perspective, Microsoft had 94% growth in the number of IT patents filed, versus only 30% growth for IBM and 16% growth from third-ranked Hewlett-Packard."

The Patent Scorecard reviews all patent activity in the information technology sector and is published by The Patent Board, a provider of tools and metrics for patent analysis and intellectual property investing. The Patent Scorecard uses the Patent Board's industry-standard data and proprietary analytical tools to assess patent value, and ranks companies worldwide in 17 different industry sectors.

Top 10 Innovators in Information Technology: from the 2007 Patent Scorecard.


  1. IBM
  2. Microsoft Corp
  3. Hewlett-Packard
  4. Hitachi Ltd
  5. Sun Microsystems
  6. Canon Inc.
  7. Ricoh Co Ltd
  8. Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd
  9. Toshiba Corp
  10. Matsushita Electric Industrial

Patent Board

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