Intel Reopens Factory That Cost $2 Billion To Renovate

Intel announced the reopening of a high-volume semiconductor manufacturing facility located in Chandler, Arizona. The factory, called Fab 12, began its conversion in 2004 for a cost of $2 billion and was completed in 18 months. This is Intel's second volume-production fab using 65nm process technology produced on the 300 mm wafer size.

"The reopening of Fab 12 marks a first for Intel and the semiconductor industry," said Bob Baker, senior vice president, general manger, Intel technology and manufacturing Group. "The conversion of an existing factory to leading-edge technology -- both larger wafer size and most advanced semiconductor technology -- further adds to Intel's manufacturing capability and improves our ability to better serve our customers."

Fab 12's reopening is the latest in a string of six Intel announcements regarding re-investment in its U.S. manufacturing sites. In total, the announcements made in 2005 reflect a combination of more than $4 billion of new U.S.-based manufacturing expansion announced this year. The company projects that these investments will add 2,000 jobs, not including construction jobs.

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