Lufthansa Orders 747-8 Jets

Airline is the first carrier to order the longest passenger jet in the world.

Lufthansa announced on Dec. 6 it has ordered 20 of the new long-range Boeing 757-8 jets. This wide-bodied aircraft capable of carrying 400 passengers is scheduled for delivery in 2010. The company also ordered 7 Airbus A340-600 long-haul aircraft.

"With the orders for the highly modern B747-8, Lufthansa is setting standards. The Boeing B747-8 is more than just a derivative of the successful Boeing B747 series," said Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Chairman of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

"Today's decision on the fleet underscores Lufthansa's clear commitment to customer orientation and profitable growth as well as the deep sense of responsibility it brings to bear on environmental issues and sustainability. With these new aircraft we will reduce emissions lastingly by 20 % compared with earlier models," he added.

Lufthansa is equipping the 20 B747-8s with new General Electric GEnx-2B67 powerplants. "The GEnx engines incorporate advanced, proven technologies from our highly successful GE90 engines as well as new innovation from GE's ongoing research and development programs," said Tom Brisken,general manager of the GEnx program. These advancements provide customers with improved fuel efficiency and reductions in emissions and noise and engine weight, and a lower cost of ownership." The new B747-8 will burn an average of around 3.5 liters to fly one passenger 100 kilometers, setting new standards in fuel efficiency.

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