Procter & Gamble Licenses Engineering Software To Zarpac

Zarpac, an Ontario, Canada-based packaging technology company, now has exclusive rights to incorporate Procter & Gamble's (P&G) reliability engineering analysis and optimization tools into its manufacturing data collection and analysis software. The results will be a software package that can improve equipment performance.

The P&G tool set, developed in conjunction with Los Alamos National Labs, integrates an analysis approach that changes the way equipment systems are designed, started up, and optimized on an ongoing basis. These technologies which provide real-time guidance on optimal equipment speeds, improvement opportunities, and performance trend analysis, have been used at P&G for 10 years improving its manufacturing process.

Sal Spada, ARC Advisory Group, commented, "The agreement between P&G and Zarpac has the potential to raise the bar in the industry for downtime and cycle time analysis on high speed packaging lines. Zarpac's experience with accessing machine state information combined with P&G's proven set of optimization algorithms will enable the manufacturing community to make informed decisions to improve productivity and asset efficiency."

P&G's External Business Development

Zarpac, Inc.

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