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Reputation Means Everything

U.S. workers say employers' reputation has declined.

Employees' opinions of how their companies are viewed publicly can impact their desire to stay at a company or find work elsewhere, according to a report by staffing firm Kenexa Corp. That could be bad news for U.S. companies. Only 27% of U.S. workers in Kenexa's WorkTrends study say their company's performance and reputation has improved over a 12-month period. That's last behind Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, India and China, which ranks the highest with 50% of workers responding positively.

The United States also posted the second-highest percentage of workers who say their employers have declined in performance and reputation. However, U.S. employees seem to have more confidence in senior management than their global counterparts. For instance, 67% of U.S. employees surveyed say their top managers are doing a better job of demonstrating that employees are important to the company's success. China ranks second in that category with 64% of employees reporting the same, while Brazil ranks last with 44% saying senior management recognizes their efforts.

Worldwide Rankings of Employer Reputations (% of respondents)

Improving Performance and Reputation
China 50%
India 40%
Brazil 37%
U.K. 31%
Germany 30%
United States 27%
Average 36%
Declining Performance and Reputation
India 3%
China 4%
Germany 6%
Brazil 7%
United States 11%
U.K. 12%

Source: Kenexa Corp.

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