U.S. Probes Chrysler Dodge Pedal Problem

Looking into a potential condition with 2007 model year Dodge Caliber accelerator pedals

The U.S. government is investigating a problem with some 2007 Chrysler Dodge Caliber vehicles after customers reported "sticking accelerator pedals," Chrysler said on May 3.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration "is investigating a potential condition with 2007 model year Dodge Caliber accelerator pedals" in response to the reports, the company said.

"Chrysler Group is not aware of any accidents, injuries, or property damage related to these reports," a statement added.

Stressing that no recall had been ordered, the company said its initial examination of the complaints suggested they were limited to "a small group of vehicles built during a five week window in March and April of 2006."

"It appears to be a supplier manufacturing concern, which is mechanical in nature and not a design or electronic issue," Chrysler said, adding it would "cooperate fully" with the NHTSA investigation.

The firm said its Dodge Caliber vehicles come fitted with brake override technology that allows drivers to stop their cars in case of emergency, adding that 2007 model owners could visit their dealers for a pedal inspection.

Copyright Agence France-Presse, 2010

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