U.S. Seminconductor Manufacturer Lands Contract with Chinese Cell Phone Maker

TriQuint Semiconductor signed a $50 million contract with ZTE

TriQuint Semiconductor, a manufacturer of Radio Frequency (RF) modules, components and foundry services, announced a $50 million agreement with ZTE, one of the world's largest makers of cell phones. The agreement was formalized at the U.S. -- China Business Signing Ceremony.

At a time when semiconductor manufacturers around the world are experiencing slowdowns in orders, worker layoffs, and market devaluation, TriQuint Semiconductor is doing well with revenue up from last year. The company also signed a $16.5 million R&D contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects(DARPA).

TriQuint's headquarters are located in Hillsboro, Oregon's North Industrial Area enterprise zone, which provides the company with tax abatements in return for the creation of new high-quality jobs. Hillsboro, located just 18 miles west of Portland, Ore., is also home to such high-tech giants as Intel, SolarWorld, Sun Microsystems, Radisys, FEI, Lattice Semiconductors and Epson.

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