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100 Years and Growing: Manufacturers Meet the Challenge of Business Longevity - Part 3 (1911-1920)

Surviving and growing for 100 years or more is no easy feat for a manufacturing company. Explore this showcase of manufacturers that have demonstrated such resiliency and then read the companion piece, "Staying Power: Manufacturers that Stand the Test of Time."

Part 3 of this salute to century old manufacturers, which you are viewing, presents manufacturing companies whose beginnings date from 1911-1920. Don't miss Part 1 of our salute to manufacturing longevity, as well as Part 2.

This slideshow is not a comprehensive list of all manufacturing companies that have reached the century mark. IndustryWeek will continue to add manufacturers to the timeline, and we welcome input from you.

Check back often for continued updates and share your ideas about what companies to add.

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