Infor Announces Integrated ERP/PLM Solution

New environment ideal for multinational currency and language environments of global process manufacturers

Infor recently announced built-in integration between Infor PLM Optiva and Infor ERP LX (an ERP solution designed to suit medium- to large-sized, global manufacturing environments where multinational currency and language support is required.)

At its recent Inforum event in Las Vegas, company representatives said that the integrated application environment should streamline the process of bringing products to market.

According to company statements, coupling LX with Optiva eliminates the need for custom coding associated with point-to-point integrations, allowing process manufacturers to reduce dedicated IT resources and costs.

Additionally, manufacturers will benefit from integrating design processes with their ERP system, which will help drive product innovation while ensuring regulatory compliance across multiple facilities and regions. This integrated process should have the additional benefit of ensuring quality and compliance.

For example, when a cost reduction project requires a new raw material, companies can use the integrated system to source for a low cost option and ensure the reformulation meets regulatory requirements before putting the product into production.

Integrating the solutions improves processes associated with change management and scale-up production of new formulas, materials and packaging. These improvements should help manufacturers increase on-time product launches, which Infor notes is the largest issue facing processors today.

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