Johnson Controls Gets Mercedes Batteries Contract

Partnership with Saft to supply batteries for Class S Hybrid

Design, development and manufacturer of high-end batteries for industry and defense Saft recently announced that the Johnson Controls-Saft joint venture has been selected by Daimler to supply Lithium-ion batteries for the Mercedes S Class 400 hybrid.

The batteries will be produced at Saft's site in Nersac, France where the Johnson Controls-Saft joint venture is investing 15 million euros as announced in September 2006. This production line will be operational by 2008.

Saft designs and manufactures high-tech batteries for a variety of industries, where Saft batteries are used in applications such as industrial infrastructure and processes, transportation, aerospace and defense.

Saft is the world's leading manufacturer of nickel-cadmium batteries for industrial applications and of primary lithium batteries for a wide range of end markets. The group is also the European leader for specialized advanced technologies for the defense and space industries.

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