Quickparts.com Goes Beyond The Middleman

Online manufacturing services provider Quickparts.com fits the "Goldilocks principle" in two ways, both as a product and a service.

Even great products, if launched too early for market uptake, will stall out. Too late a launch, and a crowded field will choke it off. Often, there's not that much breathing room between the two.

However, sometimes an idea will surface whose time has simply come. Quickparts fits this "Goldilocks principle" in two ways: both for its own services as a product, and for manufacturers using this online supplier to shorten their turnaround for design quotes and custom manufacturing runs.

Atlanta, Ga.-based Quickparts is an internet-based, custom manufacturing services company that allows design engineers to get quotes on and buy custom manufactured parts either in prototype or production quantities.

Consisting of a Web-based network of suppliers, consultants and technicians matched to real-world manufacturing facilities stretching from New York to Texas, Quickparts allows users to upload CAD data and project specs (materials, lead time, finish and quantity) and receive a quote through its Quickquotes geometric analysis software.

Quickparts' service offerings include rapid prototypes, cast urethanes, CNC machining, injection mold tooling and parts and sheet metal parts.

The company serves customers in industries from consumer products to defense contractors, including GE, Whirlpool and Lockheed Martin.

To date, Quickparts has served over 36,000 users, generating more than 233,000 quotes for plastic and metal parts from customers' unique designs.

For more information, visit www.Quickparts.com.

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