Hewlett-Packard's Online Training Programs Translates Into Happy Customers

In the six months that the HP Support and Service training online program has been operational, customer satisfaction is improving. The training site developed by Via Training, a Portland, Ore.-based company, was specifically designed for in-store technicians that are responsible for servicing HP retail customers.

Employees are jumping on the bandwagon of improved service as demonstrated by the 250% increase in online course registration. In addition to service alerts and manuals, the program teaches ways to communicate better with customers.

There is a strong sales benefit as well. Better educated sales people can cross-sell and sell add-ons. "Our recent in-house study on channel effectiveness found that participants completing at least 30 minutes of online sales training per week were over five times as likely to cross-sell products, achieve up-selling outcome 35% more often, and achieve add-on sales 41% more often", explains Bruce Carocci Senior vice president marketing and sales, Via Training.

On the cost reduction side, Via Training has found that online sales training produces its own set of savings including:

  • Printing costs -- 80%
  • Video costs -- 100%
  • CD costs -- 100%
  • Field training expenses -- 33%
Via Training
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