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Best of CES 2014 [SLIDESHOW]

The Consumer Electronics Show—the "Super Bowl of Technology"— wrapped up its 47th annual show last week in Las Vegas. And just like every year, life will never be the same after.

This year's show was the largest in history (again), sprawling across some two million square feet of exhibit space for more than 3,200 exhibitors and somewhere around 150,000 tech hungry futurists.

Crammed between was every relevant innovation, technology and gadget that will be taking over the world in the next few months. Wearable technologies, virtual realities, efficient cars, smart sensors, tablets, robots, 3-D printers, drones, smartphones, Ulta HD TVs: the future of technology was clearly on display at CES 2014, as it has been since 1967.

"The International CES is clearly the most relevant innovation and technology show in the world," said Eric Fitzgerald Reed, vice president, entertainment and policy, Verizon Communications in an official CES release. "The ecosystem of entrepreneurs, Ultra HD television manufacturers, telecommunications networking companies, small businesses and U.S. and international public policy leaders, makes this clearly the preeminent emerging technology show. It captures the spirit of innovation and imagination."

To help make sense of this year's offerings, we have put together a list of the top technologies and trends that emerged this year, which span the gulf between consumer goods and industrial equipment, between toys and tools, between the revolutionary and the weird.

Check out IndustryWeek's full CES coverage here: CES 2014

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