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China Nanotech Opens New Factory

A manufacturer of nano precipitated calcium carbonate (NPCC) in China, announced Aug. 14 the opening of a new advanced NPCC factory in Xianygang City, Shaanixi province. The factory will employ a new technology that reduces the cost of producing NPCC as well as increases its range of applications.

The proprietary technology, Membrane Diffusion, which was co-developed with Tsinghua University increases "production efficiency and stabilized the grain size of NPCC, to enhance product quality," according to a company statement.

The Membrane Diffusion process results in a narrow grain structure of within 30-60 nanometers with stable product quality, while also enhancing the usage of carbon dioxide. As compared to other approaches, the production process has the characteristics of a compact structure; primarily using non-moving parts, stable operations, strong elasticity, low energy consumption and low production costs according to the company.

"China Nanotech's new Shaanxi factory is the first industrial application of the breakthrough Membrane Diffusion method for NPCC production in the world," said Mr. Xiangzhi Chen, president, CEO and director of China Nanotech. "By adopting this technology, we expect to realize a significant competitive advantage in the burgeoning global market for NPCC. We have already successfully tested the product in applications including tires, rubber, plastic and coating, and believe this will give us a platform to develop exciting new applications for this versatile nano-scale material."

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