Samsung Begins Producing NAND Device Using 60-Nanometer

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., announced July 19 that it has begun mass producing an 8-Gigabit (Gb) NAND flash memory device using, 60-nanometer (nm) process technology - the smallest used today. The device will provide larger, less expensive storage density for use in mobile phones, MP3 players and gaming consoles.

Mass production of the new 8Gb chip allows Samsung to offer an 8-Gigabyte (GB) solution by vertically stacking two 4GB packages. The 8GB NAND which can store 2000 MP3 files or 225 minutes of DVD-quality video is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2006.

This new technology will increase manufacturing productivity by 25% over the 70nm design technology, according to a company statement. .

Samsung plans to further utilize its 8-Gb NAND flash memory chip in its high-density MLC NAND, called moviNAND, which combines NAND flash memory and a NAND controller and can be embedded in mobile handsets to accommodate the high data storage requirements from multimedia features on mobile phones.

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