A Look Inside Honda's Innovations

Gunnar Lindstrom, senior manager of Honda Alternative Fuels, Stephen Ellis, manager of Fuel Cell marketing and Chris Martin, Honda public relations spokesman, spoke with www.RenewableEnergyStocks.com and www.FuelCellCarNews.com about their innovation efforts in the area of hybrid cars.

"It's just hard work over a long period of time," says Linstrom. Honda is planning to refine its zero-emission FCX over the next three to four years.

Learning from early stages of a product's lifestyle is a method that Honda uses to improve on its product offerings. Ellis explained that the company used its early experiences with electric cars, noting that customers preferred to refill their cars at home, to develop a home refueling station.

Looking ahead Ellis says, "We believe that once you have mastered conservation and high efficiency through good gas and hybrid cars, the next step is towards natural gas vehicles and ultimately, it would lead to fuel cell vehicles in the next decade or two."

To Listen to the Interview visit: http://www.renewableenergystocks.com/Audio/RES/HMC/default.asp

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