QSolar Ltd. Announces Near Grid Parity

New production model set to produce solar panels at a cost that allows costs to drop to $1 per watt.

QSolar Ltd. announced it's set to achieve grid parity by breaking the $1/W barrier using its all new fully automatic integrated Crucible Cell Spraytek79 manufacturing processes.

QSolar is a private technology company in the solar photovoltaic (PV) panel manufacturing field with patent-pending manufacturing processes. These processes result in significantly lowering the cost of solar panels, and this in turn reduces the overall cost of solar energy.

QSolar is set to achieve the goal of the solar industry by reaching grid parity, which means that the cost of solar electricity will be equal or lower than the cost of conventional electricity produced by fossil fuel.

The cost of the solar wafer which is used for the manufacturing of solar cells, the main component of solar panels, accounts for 40% of the overall cost of the solar module. Any savings in the production costs of the wafer, results in significant savings in the overall module price.

QSolar, following the development of its Spraytek79 process and in continuing its efforts to lower the solar panel costs, has now developed a cost-effective solar wafer manufacturing process.

QSolar's new Crucible Cell process eliminates waste by using a proven metal casting method to manufacture individual wafers in graphite crucibles without any cutting that leads to waste. This process leads to up to 50% saving in silicon material which in turn results to up to 20% saving on the cost of the finished solar module.

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