RFID Moving Into Petrochemical Industry

With safety applications in mind, Vinoble, Inc., a Malibu, Ca.-based holding company, will offer products that assist in automating the identification and control of equipment, assets and tools for the petrochemical and oil and gas industries.

RIFD can be used to delivery safety features within oil wells such as detecting oil that may be trapped in different layers of rock along with gas and water. By detecting specific liquids it can alert equipment operations to potentially adverse situations.

Vinoble also sees RFID as allowing for the safe transit of materials by authorized handlers only. It would limit the entry of personnel to specific locations. This application would also address some of the safety issues with regard to protecting vulnerable energy sites from terrorist attacks.

Tracking personnel to ensure individual safety is an essential application of RFID. Should there be an emergency at a facility, RFID tags would enable the customer to track and evaluate its employee's safety and/or danger.

As always RFID is a valuable tool in the supply chain. For the petrochemical industry it can assist the customer's supply chain by tracking oil, gas, and chemical products from extraction to refining to the sale at the retail level.

Vinoble Inc.

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