Wind Power Production Capacity Up 20% In 2004

Production capacity by wind turbines increased 20% last year to 47,317 megawatts according to the Global Wind Energy Council. One megawatt is estimated to be enough to power 500 homes in the United States.

Germany continued to top the list of production capacity, with 16,629 megawatts, or 35% of the total. Spain had capacity of 8,263 megawatts and 17% of the total, and plans to add another 2,065 megawatts of production capacity this year. The U.S. had 6,740 megawatts of capacity and 14% of the total, but added only 389 megawatts last year. Denmark fell to fourth place with 3,117 megawatts, or 7% of the total.

The Europe Union had the biggest wind production capacity, at 34,205 megawatts, or 72% of the total. It added 5,702 megawatts last year, a 20% increase. By continent, North America was second with 7,814 megawatts, while Asia was third with 4,674 megawatts.

Copyright Agence France-Presse, 2005

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