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Salem Preferred Partners to Build Green Diesel Product

Company will manufacture i-phi Hydrogen Injection System for Innovative Hydrogen Solutions

Salem Preferred Partners, a Va.-based provider of complex assembly services, announced this week that it has been selected by Innovative Hydrogen Solutions Inc. as the exclusive manufacturer for its groundbreaking Hydrogen Injection System (i-phi).

This module for diesel-powered trucks, tractors, generator sets, buses and other vehicles produces a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases which improve the combustion process, increase fuel economy and reduce pollution.

The i-phi produces a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases through a controlled electrolysis process, significantly improving the engine's combustion process, resulting in more complete fuel burn. This increases fuel economy cleans exhaust and reduces soot and carbon deposits.

According to a company statment third-party tests have reported a 10 - 30% reduction in fuel consumption from an 80% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions.

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