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2014 IW US 500: Tech's Top 10 Fastest Risers [SLIDESHOW]

Over the last couple of years, we have watched technology producers wage a slow, persistent march toward the top of the IW U.S. 500. This year is no different.

This year's list shows insane financial gains throughout the technology market. Of the $6 trillion in revenue pulled in by all 500 companies last year, $1.5 trillion of it came from tech alone.

Technology has moved from a niche market of gadgets and toys to a critical manufacturing industry that is suddenly on pace and scale with the biggest and best OEMs in the world.

This year is more proof to that case.

While some of the fastest rising technology makers this year are the familiar names one would expect – Apple, Microsoft, Cisco and the like – most of the companies on the list are technology component makers. They are memory disk manufacturers, circuit board makers, flash and solid state drive producers.

This, more than anything else, shows us the state of technology today.

In our drive toward connection and the Internet of Things, toward smarter cars and smarter machines, toward data-fuelled efficiency through every moment of our lives, the digital technology makers are finding markets far beyond phones and computers.

In today's world, everything is digital, everything is connected. And in that economy, the memory makers are king.


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