Americans Would Favor Banning Imports From China

However consumers realize this would cause problems for U.S. economy.

In a recent study by Amplitude Research/University of Michigan - Dearborn , a majority (55.2%) of respondents agree with banning imports from China until safety can be assured. However 53.6% agree that banning Chinese made products would cause problems for U.S. economy

When asked who is primarily to blame for safety issues on imported products from China, one in three survey respondents (33.6%) selected U.S. companies that import or resell products made in China for failing to adequately test these products. Only 12.6% of 1,000 consumers identified the Chinese government for lack of adequate policing, and only 8.2% pointed the finger at the U.S. government. Meanwhile, 45.6% of the survey respondents selected "There is enough blame to go around for all concerned." A majority, 83.2%, agreed that laws should be passed requiring adequate testing of all imported products for safety.

While 35.4% of consumers agree that they can recognize products made in China when shopping, 47.8% note that they have stopped buying some products after discovering they are manufactured in China. Additionally, 61.1% agree that because of the sheer number of products made in China, avoiding buying these products is not possible.

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