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John Horst

Intelligent Systems Division, NIST

John Horst has been working with the manufacturing sector for 20 years.  He leads a project team of NIST researchers who enable traceability to information exchange standards in the quality domain.  NIST generates software conformance test utilities which provide the traceability and ultimately enable interoperability for end users.  Working within industry-led standards organizations, NIST facilitates correct and complete interface standards, enables public interoperability testing events, and helps define certification programs, all with a goal to realize savings for both suppliers and end users. 

Horst has published research on topics such as an open architecture motion controller for a coordinate measuring machine, a hash table based algorithm for object pose estimation from a single monocular vision sensor, a spatial/temporal algorithm for computing the distance to objects from a sequence of images, an algorithm for on-line, efficient data reduction of curves in n-dimensional space, an algorithm that generates a smooth trajectory for an autonomous, on-road vehicle, and a new quantitative metric for machine intelligence.  He received a masters in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland in 1991.